Celebrity Management

Celebrity Management

Old-school marketing and advertising as it may be, using a big name to get the brand's message out is exceptionally impactful. Everyone from the biggest to the smallest brand has contributed to the CAGR 10% growth in the celebrity endorsement market in India. Companies in India spent a whopping $782 million in 2018 as the power of celebrity endorsements is too large.

Celebrity endorsements may mean anything from a simple tweet about your brand or an invite to the grand opening ceremony to your store. Brand ambassadors use television and other media outlets to speak about your brand and spread awareness. Even one-time appearances by celebrity sports stars, Bollywood actors and actresses and other notable figures across the country gets you the noticed on a large scale with a one-time investment. Moreover, the ambassadors themselves add value to your product and improve your prestige and appeal in the market. While it is rare that one would be able to remember your logo if you are a new entrant in the market, it is highly likely that the TG would remember you for the celebrity who endorsed you the next time they head out to shop!

Structuring deals with celebrities is an art as there are extensive studies and surveys conducted regarding their reach. Regional stars like Tollywood, Kollywood and sandalwood actors may be preferred for hyperlocal markets. Still, nationwide campaigns more prominent celebs are preferred.

To have a celebrity fan base as your loyal customer for life is almost like a Jedi-trick in the marketing book. Get noticed quickly and build your customer base with one shot using the power of fame.

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