Mall Branding

Mall Branding

Today’s malls are more than just a shopping centre – serving the purpose of an entertainment arena, malls across India attract a variety of crowd including school and college students, couples and families. The average footfall in the Tier-1 cities of India for malls is around 35,000 to 45,000 on weekdays and a minimum of 60,000 on weekends. Keeping these numbers in mind, malls are well-designed to handle large crowds, and there’s never a dull space.

As people traverse between elevators, take the escalators or even the lift, anything and everything can catch attention. This means that with mall branding, you are grabbing the attention of a large group of people when they are most likely to spend, unlike in other forms of branding where advertisements would most likely be considered obstacles rather than as informative imagery. A well-managed mall will have well placed subtly catchy ads around the mall in non-obstructive spaces that have a clear view from a variety of angles. Some suitable spaces to choose for mall branding include stairways, walls and pillars. Some areas may be specially designed for placing drop downs and standees. If you are carrying out activation campaigns, malls are also great spaces for kiosks and stalls for product promotions and sampling.

Malls give you places to do old-school person-to-person branding through pamphlet distributions and product demos and supplement the hard work with well-placed easy-to-spot brand imagery. Choose what’s best for your brand and improve your customer engagement stats the real organic way with mall branding.

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