The trending format in the retail arena, Out-Of-Home Advertising covers all forms of branding that is carried out in public areas that attract large footfall. Unusual as it may seem, even tech companies like Google, Snapdragon and Facebook use OOH advertising to drive up their market growth. The reason is simple - OOH reaches mass audiences and provides excellent visibility to your brand.

OOH, the media gets your brand noticed – simple. They work because you are catching the TG when they are performing mundane tasks like waiting for a bus or simply walking down a busy street. Billboards, murals, posters, airport branding all fall under OOH advertising. Some of the best OOH advertising formats include digital LED boards that play moving ads.

OOH, advertising allows your brand use creativity to the max – given the significant space or even large number of small spaces (in the form of street pole advertising), you can come up with great graphics that carry your brand’s message correctly. Some of the best creatives make use of moving 3-D cutouts that are sure to have the town talking about your brand. OOH, signage also allows you to play with light, and you can use either back-lit, non-lit or front-lit mediums to make your graphic shine and stand-out in the busy streets.

Given the large and unmissable sizes placed in the busiest areas of town is the key to OOH branding, it is more expensive than other forms of advertising – but rightfully so as it has the highest potential reach. It may also be carried out in restaurants and pubs if you are looking to reach a particular demographic rather than the general public.

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