Theater Branding

Theater Branding

As the largest filmmakers in the whole world, India boasts of more than 9600 screens, of which 2950 are multiplexes. And the trend seems only to be going forward. Every year, over 2.02 billion movie tickets are sold in India. In the next two years, the number of multiplexes alone in South India is set to double. Movies are enjoyed throughout the year and are non-seasonal revenue makers. As a result theatre branding has garnered overwhelming success in the country.

Theatres are some of the very few public spaces that receive primary footfall in closed areas that are very well organized, unlike say a traffic junction. At a time, there are only limited people within a theatre-making, even a simple ad board easily noticeable. With minimal investments, theatre branding brings the best of advertising, whether it is out of home advertising or point of sales branding, combined it is a winning formula.

Apart from footfall, the mood of the audience in a movie theatre is never dull. From happy families to couples on dates, movie theatres receive viewers from all age groups and people of all economic classes. Branding activity in movie theatres is also beneficial if there are strategic placements. People often wait in lines for popcorn and munchies apart from the tickets themselves. Amid several movie theatre posters, just a simple image and message of your brand is hard to ignore and rarely receives an adverse reaction due to the innate experience awaiting the audience. Apart from lines, washrooms and staircases/lifts that are commonly used during entry and exit are also excellent placement options for theatre branding.

All in all, Theater branding has proven to be an opportunity for advertisers, as moviegoers today are more affluent and grasp content quicker. All of this with strategic theatre advertising serves to be extremely beneficial for most brands.

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